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Dawn S.Marvasti
Certified Master Life Coach
Member of International Coach Federation

International Coaching federation Member

Dawn S.Marvasti is a professional High-Performance Personal Development and Master Life Coach, Philanthropist, Educator, and successful Artist who has dedicated her life in Consulting Career Goals, Self Development, Self Relationships, and Coach-To-Success coaching.
She is an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Toronto and Global,the Canada Coach Global Village (CCA), the Persica Management and Quality Association (PMQA), and the Professional Network Café (PNC) at the Welcome Center Immigration Services.

With a certification from Harvard Business School in Management Essentials (HBSO), a Bachelor of Art, and graduated from Canada Coach Academy (CCA), Dawn successfully completed her Positive Psychology, Cross-Cultural, and Mind Map certification. As she has years of experience in coaching since 2002, Dawn innovated her methodical consultation approach known as “Art4Mind''; this methodology uses visual art subjects both in coaching and consultation to create an effective connection with her clients' inner creative side. “Art4Mind” is a practical way of choosing metaphors for better understanding a situation, detecting possible fears, and creating defined mind maps of Coach-To-Success by implementing the achievable planned timelines.

Dawn helps clients learn deeply about their leadership style by challenging the perspective on how to take control over one's personal life. This technique benefits clients by persuading them to practice new behaviors and accountability in a safe environment. She assures that every life coaching plan is customized according to the client’s request and requirements in order to meet the best possible outcome.

As a professional entrepreneur, Dawn has a huge ambition in helping clients address their strengths, obstacles, and full potential by planning strategies towards a fulfilled successful lifestyle; this is followed through by both one-on-one and group coaching skills.

Dawn lives her values when she sees her clients walk away with happiness, satisfaction, and the knowledge/solutions for the challenges they have been facing.

As Your Personal Life Coach, I Will:

  • Be your trusted reliable partner who cares for you and your desired goals as my own.
  • Actively assure that you have a clear mind before making any decisions.
  • Support you throughout every step, using my professional experience to help produce the result in your desired speed and in the most efficient way.
  • Help you to discover your true and hidden capabilities.
  • Train your emotional intelligence towards the state of inner peace.
  • Support you on positively increasing your personal performance.

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